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News articles about changes to Simon Cann dot com and other site-related issues.

Changes to Simon Cann dot com

There have been some changes made to Simon Cann dot com over the past few days.

First, and most obviously, there has been a change to the look and feel of the site.  As well as the cleaning up, and some restructuring of the basic content, the web addresses for the documents have also been changed to make them more human-friendly (and an automatic redirection from the old addresses has been put in place).

The less immediately obvious change is the large increase in content.  In addition to Simon Cann dot com, I used to run two other separate websites:

  • Simon Cann's news feed.
  • Writing Down Words, a series of articles with  my personal perspective on writing and publishing.

The content from these two sites has now been integrated into Simon Cann dot com, and the legacy sites are being closed.  All links to the old sites are automatically redirected to the appropriate page on this site.  Within the integrated site: