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Long Lunch published

Long Lunch front cover

“Let’s have lunch tomorrow,” said the email, but when Montbretia arrived at her friend’s office he wasn’t there.

“When did he leave?” Montbretia asked the receptionist.

“Monday,” came the reply.

“No. I mean, when did he leave for lunch?”

“Monday,” repeated the receptionist. “He left at lunchtime on Monday.”

“But today’s Wednesday,” said Montbretia.

The receptionist’s face softened with a look of amusement as she tried to sympathize with Montbretia’s embarrassment. “A long lunch.”

Montbretia searches for her friend, trying to find out where he is, why he left the office and his home, and how he sent a message 24 hours after he disappeared.

High Five published

High Five by Simon Cann

Montbretia was there; she saw what happened. The pickpocket went down, but that wasn’t enough to stop Curtis’s fists from flying. And when she pulled Curtis away, the other guy just laid on the side of the street. Inert. Barely breathing.

Now the victim’s comrades—who have seen their friend grievously wounded and have lost their source of income—want to talk with Curtis. But the only person they can find is Montbretia, and they aren’t sure whether she’s telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know where Curtis has gone.

Maybe she does know. Maybe she can contact Curtis. Maybe she’s the leverage the gang needs to force Curtis to meet them. Or maybe Curtis really has gone, and Montbretia will be a pretty little trinket for them to enjoy.

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart published

Tattoo Your Name on My HeartBoniface thought he was dealing with an internet hate campaign.

But when his client's wife disappears, Boniface goes looking and finds small-time crooks after money and glamor, an angry son wanting to get even with the parent who he believes abandoned him, and poverty-stricken musicians whose fame was only ever in their dreams.

And then Boniface uncovers the secret the wife has been keeping from her husband.

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart by Simon Cann, the third book in the Boniface series, is published today by Coombe Hill Publishing.  It is available in print and electronic formats.

Pollute the Poor published

Pollute the PoorThe first Boniface knows about the dead body in the next room is when he is arrested for murder.

He knows he has been set up—and that somebody is trying to destroy him—but Boniface doesn’t know who has set him up, or why. As he strips back the layers he is left with only one conclusion: he must neutralize the threat, permanently.

Pollute the Poor by Simon Cann, the second book in the Boniface series, is published today by Coombe Hill Publishing.  It is available in print and electronic formats.

How to Make a Noise: a few changes

How to Make a Noise: a comprehensive guide to synthesizer programming​How to Make a Noise: a comprehensive guide to synthesizer programming was written ten years ago and first made available as a free download in early 2005.

The download was accessed by inputting an email address—the download link would then be emailed to the reader. The free book was accompanied by a set of patches to illustrate the points covered in the book. The patches were available separately for a cost.

In 2007 the book was updated and expanded, and a print version was made available.

A few changes are being made today: