Bag Man

Bag Man by Simon Cann
Bag Man by (Leathan Wilkey #1.5, ISBN: 9781910398166) published on by Coombe Hill Publishing
Take the bag. Give it to the nasty man. Bring back the kid.

Leathan Wilkey has been hired to make a ransom exchange.

He has the cash, a car, and a phone so the kidnappers can direct him to the location of the exchange for the seven-year-old boy. But it soon becomes clear that there are two groups demanding the ransom, and they can’t both have the kid.

And when Leathan finds the cash that he’s been given might not be what the kidnappers are expecting, he questions whether he’s the bag man or if he’s been sent to draw fire.

Bullets fly and Leathan ducks. When he looks up, he’s the only one who’s concerned that a stray piece of lead might hit the kid.

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