High Five

High Five by Simon Cann
High Five by (Montbretia Armstrong #1, ISBN: 9781910398081) published on by Coombe Hill Publishing
Montbretia was there; she saw what happened. And now they’re coming for her.

Montbretia was there; she saw what happened. The pickpocket went down, but that wasn’t enough to stop Curtis’s fists from flying. And when she pulled Curtis away, the other guy just laid on the side of the street. Inert. Barely breathing.

Now the victim’s comrades—who have seen their friend grievously wounded and have lost their source of income—want to talk with Curtis. But the only person they can find is Montbretia, and they aren’t sure whether she’s telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know where Curtis has gone.

Maybe she does know. Maybe she can contact Curtis. Maybe she’s the leverage the gang needs to force Curtis to meet them. Or maybe Curtis really has gone, and Montbretia will be a pretty little trinket for them to enjoy.

Montbretia is on her own—caught in a tussle between Curtis and the gang—and she needs to take her life back.

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