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Entrepreneurs and Music

I recently spoke to You can check out the article here.

As the article notes, there are many opportunities to make money from music. These opportunities exist for the musician and the entrepreneur, and while the music industry has seen its business convulsed over the last few years, the new business opportunities continue to grow.

There will always be a place for new artists. This provides the music entrepreneur (whether a performer or someone working behind the scenes), with a guarantee of access to the market. However, when coupled with these recent industry developments, the music industry becomes a highly compelling place to be. Just look at some of the changes:

The entrepreneurs—whether musicians or business people—who will succeed will be those who understand the key relationship is with the fan base (in other words, the income source), and nurture that relationship as an asset of their business. These people will not let their asset depreciate when the band has its inevitable “musical differences”.