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Made it in China

Made it in China by Simon Cann

Made it in China features the personal experiences and lessons of international entrepreneurs who have left their own country and built successful businesses in China.

China is the issue for business in the 21st century. Since the country initiated its market reforms at the end of the 1970s it has made huge strides and now virtually every business around the world, whatever its size and wherever its location, has to include the “China factor” in its business planning.

The book focuses on the practical experiences of nine entrepreneurs as they grew their companies in this new and developing market—each of these entrepreneurs was invited to participate for the expertise and focus they bring to the book. Their stories are both practical and entertaining, combining first-hand anecdotes about the challenges they faced and how these were met with their own observations and thoughts for dealing with each situation.

China is different and proud to be different. For businesses without experience of the country, there are a whole range of new cultural, political, legal, and economic challenges to be faced. The vast majority of businesses that go to China fail, and fail for reasons that they don’t ever get to comprehend. It is a brutal market for those who do not understand it and there have been many major global organizations that have had their fingers burned due to their incomplete grasp of the country and its culture.

The nine entrepreneurs will highlight the challenges and lead you through the maze that is doing business in China, and explain the implications for businesses outside the country.

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