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Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard published

Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard published by Simon Cann

Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard: From Presets to Power User is now available. Check out the video for details.

The book covers:

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The book looks at subtractive (analog) synthesis, frequency and phase modulation, sample-based synthesis, and additive techniques. It makes extensive use of illustrations from four popular modular synthesizers—Zebra 2, KarmaFX Synth Modular, VAZ Modular, and SynthEdit. The book is also accompanied by a free downloadable synthesizer (in PC VSTi format) which illustrates further some of the sound design and synthesizer construction principles.

Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard: From Presets to Power User is for people who are new to synthesis as well as for musicians who want to consolidate and expand their knowledge of the subject.

The book is also for anyone who wants to create (and perhaps sell) their own synthesizers. With SynthEdit (one of the featured synthesizers) you can create your own synthesizers. The free synthesizer accompanying the book was built with SynthEdit and you are walked through the construction of this synthesizer. In addition to the synthesizer itself, the underlying SynthEdit files are also available for download, so you can further develop your understanding.

If you want to take those first steps From Presets to Power User, or if you already know something about synthesis and you want to consolidate that knowledge and become a Synthesizer Wizard, then you can check out the book at