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Long Lunch published

Long Lunch published by Simon Cann

“Let’s have lunch tomorrow,” said the email, but when Montbretia arrived at her friend’s office he wasn’t there.

“When did he leave?” Montbretia asked the receptionist.

“Monday,” came the reply.

“No. I mean, when did he leave for lunch?”

“Monday,” repeated the receptionist. “He left at lunchtime on Monday.”

“But today’s Wednesday,” said Montbretia.

The receptionist’s face softened with a look of amusement as she tried to sympathize with Montbretia’s embarrassment. “A long lunch.”

Montbretia searches for her friend, trying to find out where he is, why he left the office and his home, and how he sent a message 24 hours after he disappeared.

Long Lunch by Simon Cann, the second Montbretia Armstrong novella, is published today by Coombe Hill Publishing. It is available in print and electronic formats, and a free version is available for to download from: