Simon Says

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11 December 2018 » communiqué 026

Music: Antonio Lauro, Leathan Wilkey’s soundtrack, and John Martyn.

13 November 2018 » communiqué 025

Killing Eve. The physics of story telling. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

9 October 2018 » communiqué 024

How we use words when we want to influence. Choosing the right keyboard. Setting up a comfortable work environment.

11 September 2018 » communiqué 023

A small presentational change. A DVR for your reading. Do I have the best solution for typing on the go? Five questions.

14 August 2018 » communiqué 022

Five questions.

10 July 2018 » communiqué 021

Residents of Wimbledon. Meet Saga and Martin. When does the sidekick become the hero?

12 June 2018 » communiqué 020

Story vs situation. Designing covers. Traffic signals in Paris.

8 May 2018 » communiqué 019

My introductory library. US English vs UK English. Meghan Markle, Queen of England.

10 April 2018 » communiqué 018

Spelling doesn’t matter. Taking characters from real life. What gives literature longevity.

13 March 2018 » communiqué 017

Sending problems overseas. Nurturing ideas. Lilja and Snare.

13 February 2018 » communiqué 016

More choice language. Interfering in foreign affairs. What to do while we’re waiting for the Oscars.

9 January 2018 » communiqué 015

Easing slowly into 2018. Seeing snow. Bad language.

12 December 2017 » communiqué 014

A wrap up of 2017.

14 November 2017 » communiqué 013

The Camera, free for a very limited period. Simon Says, 2017 and 2018. Comrade Detective.

10 October 2017 » communiqué 012

And what do you think about this? Turning points for Leathan. Telling lies with historical accuracy. Expanding your library.

12 September 2017 » communiqué 011

What do you think? Why I said what I said in the first place. Getting the first chapter right.

8 August 2017 » communiqué 010

In this edition, I’m doing things a bit differently…and there’s a chapter from a book I’m writing.

11 July 2017 » communiqué 009

A look back at Pollute the Poor and where Sylvia comes in. Make sure you’ve got all the books in my introductory library. Augmenting my review team. Sexy Beast.

13 June 2017 » communiqué 008

The Camera—what the reviews say. Get Clementina while the price is low. Leather floors are a thing. In what order should I read the Leathan series? What I’m wearing this season.

9 May 2017 » communiqué 007

The Camera published. Why Paris. BrainDead and a possible explanation for why politics is as it is.

11 April 2017 » communiqué 006

The Camera is now available for pre-order. Have you read all the Leathan Wilkey books? Join my review team. The Power of the Dog.

14 March 2017 » communiqué 005

Simon Says: looking inside my head. Boniface Box Set. The Camera, the cover. Madeleine McCann. Reconsidering ebooks.

14 February 2017 » communiqué 004

Diplomatic Baggage available in all bookstores. Have you got all of the books in my free introductory library? The Camera, coming soon. The Hero Fails. If not Amazon, then… Jealousy and Envy. The Camera: chapter one.

10 January 2017 » communiqué 003

Writing Bag Man. Reasons to forgive Don Cheadle and Devil in a Blue Dress. Amazon Echo.

13 December 2016 » communiqué 002

Bag Man published. Simon Cann’s introductory library. Clementina available in all bookstores. The kernel of an idea. Goliath.

8 November 2016 » communiqué 001

Making a few changes—introducing Simon Says. Diplomatic Baggage. What’s next for Leathan Wilkey? Amanda Knox. Bag Man: chapter one.