Simon Says » communiqué 014/December 2017

Simon Says: communiqué 014/December 2017

Hello everyone

With the holiday season upon us this is a short edition of Simon Says.

Thank You

I want to start by thanking everyone for their support this year.

To everyone who bought a book (or several books), thank you. Thank you for all the reviews written and posted sharing your opinions about my books. Thank you to everyone who told their friends about my books, my introductory library, or forwarded a copy of Simon Says. Thank you all who completed one of my surveys and offered their thoughts. Thank you to everyone who asked a question or let me know what they felt about Simon Says, the book extracts, and the articles. And thank you to everyone else who helped in many different ways.

Thank you all. I really am very grateful.

The Camera

I hope you grabbed your free copy of The Camera and enjoyed your reading.

I’m sorry if you missed out on the freebie, but if you hang around here I’ll let you know when the next offer comes around. Alternatively, while not free, The Camera is still available for a very good price. Head over to Amazon and check it out.

And if you enjoyed The Camera, please let others know with a review on Amazon.

What Did Simon Say in 2017?

Can’t remember what I said over the last year? New to the readers’ group? Missed some of the communiqués?

No problem, download Simon Says 2017 here and review the last year at your leisure. In this collection you’ll find:

If you’re new to the readers’ group and this is your first edition (or one of your first editions) of Simon Says, then you’ll also find a first chapter from a new book and discussion (following readers’ questions) about that chapter. I’ll be talking more about the book from which that chapter comes during 2018.

This collection has been collated by subject to give a smoother reading experience (you don’t have to cross-reference from one month to another). I’ve also added a table of contents to make navigation a bit easier. 

That’s It for 2017

That’s it from me for 2017.

In closing, I wish you and yours the compliments of the season whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the shortest day/longest night (or longest day/shortest night in the Southern Hemisphere), New Year (if you work off the Gregorian calendar), any other festival, or none.

I’ll be back in January 2018.

All the best