Simon Says » communiqué 023/September 2018

Simon Says: communiqué 023/September 2018

Hello everyone

The kids have gone back to school—well, there aren’t any kids when I go to the supermarket, so I presume they’re all in school—the weather has turned, and the days are getting shorter. The only possible conclusion is that Christmas is coming.

And if Christmas is coming, I’d better get a move on…

A Small Change

I’m making a small presentational change with this month’s Simon Says.

As you’ll know if you’ve been around for a while, Simon Says can be fairly long. This length is intended—I often talk about subjects that can’t be covered in two hundred words. With these longer articles, I add headings so readers can skim and then skip anything that doesn’t interest.

I’m now making a change.

For shorter articles and announcements, there will be no change. However, for longer articles, instead of posting the full article in the email, I’ll be including a summary. There will then be a link from the summary to the full article which will be on my website. If the summary interests, you can click the link and read the article; if the summary doesn’t grab you, you can quickly skip onto the next piece.

The main effect of this is that the Simon Says monthly email will be shorter. There will still be as much to read—in fact, there will probably be more—but it will be presented in a different manner.

Delivery Problems

You may not have received last month’s edition of Simon Says.

If you didn’t hear from me—or I ended up in your spam folder—I apologize. There were a few problem which should now all be fixed.

In case you missed it, last month’s main article—like all of the longer articles mentioned later—is linked from this email (under the heading Five Questions).

Read It Later

I use Pocket several times a day—and to be clear, I’m talking about a service called Pocket…not about actual pockets in my clothes. For me, Pocket is a tool much like a video recorder…but for reading. It allows me to save articles, so that I can read them at a time that suits me.

With the new approach to Simon Says, you may find it convenient to drop the longer articles into Pocket (or a similar “read it later” tool).

Find out more about how Pocket can help you read at a time that suits you.

Computing On the Go

Many people are returning from vacation. When you’re away from home or the office, it’s great to leave the computer behind. But what if you want, or need, to do the computer thing when you’re not in familiar surroundings, the most obvious answer is to drag a laptop along.

As someone who makes his living from typing, I have a solution that suits me better. It’s also a lot cheaper than a laptop 😁

Here’s my very lightweight computing setup.

Five Questions

Five questions can reveal the core of a story.

These five questions are my canary in the coal mine—unless I can answer the questions, then I don’t have a grasp on the story. And once I do have a grasp, then these questions are my map and guiding star to ensure that I focus on telling that story.

As I mentioned earlier in this email, there were some delivery problems with last month’s email. This article was the main body of that email, but I have now expanded it and put it on my website.

Read more about the five questions that help shape a story.

The End Comes Sooner

Moving longer articles out of the Simon Says email means that the end comes much sooner.

I’ll leave you to follow the links and carry on reading on my website.

Until October.

All the best