Simon Says » communiqué 038/December 2019

Simon Says: communiqué 038/December 2019

Hello everyone

We’re coming to the holiday season and so I thought I’d suggest two movies.

The first is based on real events while the other is pure fiction. Each tells its story in a very different way, but in each the protagonist has a similar motivation—to protect those who are closest.

One has a far more bleak outcome and the other is a much lighter movie with a happier ending.

Obviously, don’t forget books over the holidays. Books make great gifts and if you’re looking for recommendations, I have a few.

Anyway, those movies….

The Irishman

There’s been a lot of publicity around Martin Scorsese’s latest movie, not least when he made a few comments that some took as denigrating a whole genre of movies.

The Irishman has been (and may still be) in cinemas, but it is now also available on Netflix.

The Irishman of the title is Frank Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro. Sheeran was a low-level criminal who rose to positions of power within the Teamsters union and the Bufalino crime family.

Read why I think you should watch this movie.

Baby Driver

You’d never call Baby Driver highbrow, but it’s a lot of fun, and there are some strong performances.

The story is simple enough story—a getaway driver will complete one last job. However, you should watch it for the choreography. While it may be a caper movie, Baby Driver is also (if you squint) a musical. The soundtrack is an integral part of the movie and much of the action—particularly the car chases—are choreographed to the music.

Watch a clip to see how one scene has been choreographed.

Until 2020

That’s me done for another year and indeed, for the decade (yeah…we’re now reaching the end of the second decade of the 2000s…). Thank you for reading me for another year.

If you’re celebrating over the next few weeks, I hope you and yours have an enjoyable time.

I’ll be back in January 2020.

Until then, all the best