Simon Says » communiqué 042/April 2020

Simon Says: communiqué 042/April 2020

Hello everyone

We are living in changed times. Every action and every choice has consequences—for ourselves, for those we love, and for others. The interconnectedness of the globe and of its citizens is being shown in stark relief.

We may have reached another inflection point in human history—like the World Wars, 9/11, or the 2008 financial crisis—where the world, and how we perceive our world, changes.

As I write this, large parts of the global population are living under lockdown or in a situation where citizens are having their freedom greatly restricted. These constraints are not the act of totalitarian governments, but a desperate measure to keep citizens safe. That desperation can be seen each day when the numbers of people reported as dying are, literally, incomprehensible. Each new death a tragedy for the family and friends of the lost person.

If you’ve been reading my monthly emails for a while, you’ll know I’m a keen observer of human behavior, especially human weaknesses, with a particular interest in humans when they are pushed to their limits. There will come a time to look at the human behaviors, to make some observation, and to draw lessons from what is happening at this moment in human history. That time is not now.

For the moment, keep yourselves safe and keep those you love safe—even if you have to keep them at a distance to keep them safe. And pay attention to what matters—hint, it’s people, not things. Find the joy where you can.

For those of you who are working to help others, in however small or large a way, thank you.

All the best