Simon Says » communiqué 050/December 2020

Simon Says: communiqué 050/December 2020

Hello everyone

2020 didn’t turn out as we expected.

While the year has been quite dark for many people—and the remainder of the year and the start of next may be quite tough—there has been much to be very positive about.

There have been massive strides in the work done by scientists. Within a year of the discovery of a new virus several vaccines have been developed which will save human life, reduce the suffering from this virus, and help us get back to some form of normality.

People seemed to have found—or remembered—their communities. Individuals are looking out for and helping their neighbors. Help has been offered with no expectation of reward.

Beyond community, people seem to understand more about what governments are meant to do—and governments have understood the necessity for action. As well as helping to fund vaccine programs, many governments around the world have stepped in to protect wages and to support those businesses hardest hit by the pandemic.

And we’ve all got pretty good at using Zoom… While there is much to loathe about Zoom, there have been many advantages to gathering in an electronic forum for face to face meetings. I have appreciated how gatherings I have attended have been able to include more people and have made it easier for people to participate, especially people who normally would have been excluded from in person gatherings. And I have especially appreciated being able to meet without having to leave the house on a cold and dark evening.

I am optimistic that 2021 will see the return of something closer to the normal we knew, but I want to believe that we won’t lose some of those human connections we have made.

For anyone who has bought or read one of my books during 2020, thank you. I hope 2021 will be a good year for everyone.

I’ll be back in January. Until then.

All the best