My 2019 Reads

I always like to recommend good books. Listed below are the books that I read (or re-read) in 2019 (irrespective of their publication date) which I liked and that I think other people will enjoy.

In The Late Show Michael Connelly introduces us to a new character, Renée Ballard. The novel includes the best of Connelly’s police procedural story telling and overlays the tale with a look at the internal politics of the LAPD. I loved the book; let me tell you …

last updated: 6 September 2019; category: books, tv, and movies  people: Renée Ballard 

With his latest book, The Fox, Frederick Forsyth jumps into the world of offensive cyber war. But is the book worth a read?

last updated: 9 February 2019; category: books, tv, and movies 

Devil in a Blue Dress was the first novel by Walter Mosley and features Easy Rawlins, an African American World War II veteran. It is a noir masterpiece pulling together threads of race, friendship and betrayal, and political corruption in the context of post-war …

last updated: 27 January 2019; category: books, tv, and movies  people: Easy Rawlins  Raymond Alexander 

The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth was published in 1971. The subsequent movie based on the novel was released in 1973. In the (nearly) fifty years since these releases many have tried to emulate both, but few have bettered the originals. If you haven’t …

last updated: 7 January 2019; category: books, tv, and movies  people: Charles de Gaulle