Tattoo Your Name on My Heart

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart by Simon Cann
Tattoo Your Name on My Heart by (Boniface #3, ISBN: 9781910398043) published on by Coombe Hill Publishing
When his client’s wife disappears, Boniface uncovers the secret she has been keeping from her husband.

Although past his mid-thirties, the teenager that lives inside Boniface’s head can’t believe his luck when he is hired to help one of his rock idols, Danny Featherstone, and his ex-glamour-model wife, Dawn.

Danny and Dawn are the target of an anonymous internet hate campaign that has led to poor ticket sales and lost television work. Broken contractual terms brought to light by the hate campaign have led the management to freeze the band’s assets, cutting off the couple’s source of income.

And then Dawn disappears.

Boniface searches for Dawn but uncovers small-time crooks looking for money and excitement who think Boniface has something they can extort. Making his search even more complicated is an angry son looking to destroy the parent he believes abandoned him, and embittered, poverty-stricken musicians trying to regain their former fame and get a slice of the income that was only ever theirs in their dreams.

But most worrying, Boniface finds a husband who loves his wife, unconditionally, and who will do anything to protect her.

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Tattoo Your Name on My Heart is also available as part of the Boniface Box Set: three gripping novels for one low price.