Behind Every Story

last updated: 3 December 2018 (approximate reading time: 1 minutes; 168 words)

A book is a singular item—a single unit of entertainment. But a book is not a thing that comes into life in isolation. Behind every book, and woven into every story, is a mix of ideas and influences.

I have put up a number of posts on this website where I talk about:

  • the background and research to my books
  • aspects around character development and how my characters view the world in which they live
  • the choices I made in developing stories
  • the real events that inspire, parallel, and echo events in my books

If you want to know more about the story behind the story in my books—the ideas, the influences, the characters, the real world events, the choices I made…and why I made those choices—then follow these links to find out more.

Boniface series

Boniface series

The Murder of Henry VIII

Pollute the Poor

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart

Leathan Wilkey series

Leathan Wilkey series


Bag Man

Diplomatic Baggage

Montbretia Armstrong series

High Five

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