Introducing My New Historical Series

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I’m working on a new series. And just to burst the bubble before I go any further, this isn’t something likely to see the light of day any time soon—think years/decades rather than weeks/months/years.

The New Series

This (as yet untitled) series of books that will see me return to London as a setting, but not to the London that Leathan Wilkey left or where Montbretia and Boniface live. This London is considerably older and that historic setting necessitates an alternative tone and texture.

A First Chapter

I thought it might be interesting for readers to see a work-in-progress while it’s actually in progress. You can find the first chapter of this next book by following this link.

This chapter really is a work-in-progress—as you’ll see, the extract needs a good kicking in places, so expect a lot of changes by the time it is released.

More About the First Chapter

The first chapter always provides unique challenges for a novelist. In this post I talk more about the challenges of this first chapter.

Reader Comments

Having posted this chapter, many people were kind enough to give me their comments. I had some very interesting conversations with some readers and wanted to give a flavor of some of those exchanges. Follow these links to find:

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