John Martyn

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John Martyn was a singer-songwriter who never seemed to receive the recognition his talent deserved.

Much of his output was him singing and playing his guitar. He would also perform with other musicians, but at his essence, he was a soloist.

When he was at his best he was unbeatable. He combined songs, musicianship, feel and emotion. There was a simplicity—the complexity came with the delivery.

He also experimented. Some experiments worked. Others…well, let’s just say I admired his experimentation.

May You Never

One of my favorite of Martyn’s songs was May You Never. I’ve got two versions here.


First, from a 1973 TV appearance.


Martyn, euphemistically, lived life to the full and in later years his health failed. However he still performed. His older songs were still great—but the performance gave a new perspective.

Sweet Little Mystery

This version of Sweet Little Mystery is from Martyn’s middle period in the 1980s. It sees him playing an electric guitar and with a double bass player.

Where Next?

Martyn’s career spanned over 40 years. There’s plenty more stuff to go out and find.

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