Leathan Wilkey’s Soundtrack

last updated: 14 October 2018 (approximate reading time: 2 minutes; 237 words)

Some authors build a playlist as they write a book.

I have never done this, but there are two tunes that always—always—make me think of Leathan Wilkey and my novels set in Paris.


Both tracks are by Gary Moore. Each has that certain vibe—something intangible. In both the music communicates something—and suggest images—to me, that words alone cannot.

When I listen, I see colors, I feel moods, and I see pictures. I see weather that is a balmy summer’s evening with the first and colder/raining, in the second. I see a reduced color palette, shadows, greater contrast as street lights cast their light, and I feel hope—but I also know that hope will be dashed.

Leathan likes the tunes, but he much prefers songs with words (or more words, in the case of the first track), and if he’s got a choice, he’ll listen to Bonnie Raitt. He loves her music—he prefers her older songs, but prefers how her voice sounds as she has aged.

Parisienne Walkways

The first track is Parisienne Walkways. And yes, I know it seems kinda obvious, but it still triggers something. The track comes from Moore’s 1978 album Back on the Streets and was co-written with Phil Lynott.

The playing starts around 0:50.

The Messiah Will Come Again

The second track is a cover of a Roy Buchanan piece. There are similarities with Parisienne Walkways but this tells a different story.

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