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last updated: 8 February 2020 (approximate reading time: 1 minutes; 174 words)

If you head over to Amazon and search for “prison phone” or “tiny phone”, you’ll find something for around $20/£20 which looks like a phone from the 1990s. While at first glance the phone looks old fashioned, in truth, what you are seeing is a miracle of miniaturization.

Tiny Phone

As you can see, this phone is tiny. Flick through the album and you’ll see a regular phone and a measure for comparison.

While the phone in the pictures is tiny, it is fully functional and takes a regular SIM card. However, dialing on the phone is not an easy matter—it really needs a stick or similar to press the keys.

If you’re wondering why the phone is so small, the answer is straightforward: it is intended to be easy to hide. You can use your imagination as to where such a device could be hidden on and in the human body. In that context, you’ll understand that the market for these phones is prisoners.

What I haven’t figured out is where the charger gets hidden.

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