Write Once, Then Link: an Explanation

last updated: 3 October 2018 (approximate reading time: 3 minutes; 557 words)

Write Once, Then Link is my blog, but it’s rather different in approach from most blogs. Let me try and explain…

There are many contexts in which I write; this blog is the place where I gather together that writing. If I’ve got something to say, I write it, post it here, and then link to that post.

Some of my posts are elaborations on ideas that I summarize in my monthly readers' newsletter, Simon Says. I get questions from readers and frequently I have discussions with friends. Rather than dash off a quick reply, I can post something here—hopefully something better and more substantial.

A secondary driver is to help my thought processes. Often the best approach for me to find my way through a bunch of thoughts that are knocking around in my head is to write them down. By applying a linear structure, I can find the strengths and weaknesses in my thinking.

Irrespective of the initial impetus to write, once something has been posted here, then I can share it with others. And over the longer-term, I will accrue a chunk of information which I can then easily reference.

Format and Revision

There are, of course other benefits of posting to a website instead of sending an email. For instance, I get much more control over the formatting, so I can include page menus and images won’t get stripped by email.

Since many of these pieces are—in effect—initiated by other people, often the subject matter of the posts will be varied without any logical thread between them. This is intentional, but by posting here I can tag and categorize, and I can collate and link.

And of course, I can revise and update. As my thinking evolves, so can my posts.

Privacy, Confidentiality, Original Ideas

Often posts will be triggered by an interaction with another person.

At all times, those other individuals will not be identified and their issues will remain confidential. As part of maintaining that confidentiality, I will be taking a very one-sided approach and talking about my opinions.

Is This Blog Fair, Balanced, and All That Good Stuff?


This blog makes no attempt to be fair or balanced—it is here simply to reflect my thoughts at a given moment. At best that makes anything written here opinionated—at worst, that means anything you will read is a reflection of my ignorance and prejudices.

The coverage and topics will be eclectic (at best) and lacking both consistency and coherence.

Equally, the information is not intended to be comprehensive and is not intended as advice. There will be gaps and the posts will be sporadic.

But You’re Wrong!

If you think I’m wrong about something, then you’re probably right and I’m probably am wrong. Happy now?

Seriously, the chances for error, imprecision, and misunderstanding around here are high, so if you think I’m wrong, your assessment is likely correct.

Equally, you may just disagree with my opinion. And that’s fine—we’re adults, right? We can have a civilized conversation and agree to disagree, can’t we? And if you have something to say on a topic, that’s great, I’d love to hear your thoughts—post them on your own site and send me a link.


OK. That’s enough explaining. I’m off to write some more posts.

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