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There’s a widely held view that acquiring wealth is a good thing with no downside. And indeed, there is much to be said for the acquisition of wealth. However, there are consequences that flow from having wealth.

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The concept of usury is one that has been around for nearly as long as civilization. But why do we still care about it, and why is a fiction writer interested in the notion?

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UK authors with US earnings will find that these overseas earnings are taxed at source, meaning the author receives less. By filling in a few forms, the author can arrange for payment to be made without the deduction of US tax.

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Thinking about the choices available and the decisions photographers make when taking a photo can help an author focus more tightly on the aspect of the story they want the reader to see. And by equal measure, by highlighting one aspect to the reader, then another …

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Crime fiction is wide-ranging genre with many subgenres. The genre can encompass “cops and robbers”, cozies, whodunnits, and beyond to serial killers and psychological thrillers. But the genre can also be a lens through which to view society and to consider …

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Many authors approach working with editors from the wrong direction looking to the downsides and not to the benefits that a healthy partnership can bring. Perhaps I can suggest a different way to approach working with an editor.

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Categories and tags are applied to Write Once, Then Link posts to classify the content. Here’s an explanation of how categories and tags have been implemented on this site and how they can help you find what you’re looking for.

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Many authors use word count as a measure of how much work they have completed. While there are benefits to this approach, focusing at the word count loses sight of the work that is necessary to get the words down. A better approach may be to use the Pomodoro technique …

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The maxim never do today what you can put off until tomorrow probably sounds like the ultimate justification for laziness. In truth, it’s one of the best ways to focus and improve productivity.

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There’s a notion about multitasking—it’s touted as a route to efficiency and greater productivity. In reality, it’s one of the most counter-productive approaches to working.

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For every book I have written there’s always something special for me as the author. Sometimes I’ve just tried something different and it worked and at other times it can be a character that I feel was realized especially well. Whatever the book, if …

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I am a British subject and my language is English, but let me suggest a heresy: American English spellings (and grammatical practices) should be preferred over British spellings.

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I’m going to take a controversial line for someone who makes his living by scribbling down words: Spelling doesn’t matter. At least, it doesn’t matter as much as people make out and it doesn’t matter for the reasons they think it does. What …

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We are all aware of work that is called literature today, but I wonder what will stand the test of time. What will be regarded as having literary merit by generations in 50 years, 100 years, or 400 years? I’m going to make one guess as to a work that will survive: …

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Authors (and other creative people) are not uniquely gifted—we get as many ideas, and in particular as many bad ideas, as the next person. However, what authors do with ideas is different. Let me tell you a bit about what I do with ideas and the tool I use to help …

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From time to time I get questions about bad language in my books. There are variants on this question, but it mostly boils down to: will I be offended by something in one of your books, Simon? In short, maybe, but I hope not. Or at least, I hope you will agree that any …

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I recently posted a first chapter from a possible future book. Having posted this chapter, I had some questions from, and conversations with readers about historical accuracy and my approach to the concept.

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This post looks at some of my considerations and the decisions I made when writing the first chapter of an (as yet unpublished) novel which will be set in the mid 18th century.

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I recently posted a first chapter from a possible future book. Having posted this chapter, many people were kind enough to give me their comments. I had some very interesting conversations with readers and want to share a flavor of those exchanges.

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I’m working on a new (as yet untitled) series of books that will see me return to London as a setting. I thought it might be interesting for readers to see a work-in-progress while it’s actually in progress.

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This is a very early draft of the first chapter from a novel which will be set in the mid 18th century.

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I was asked the question: Do you wear anything when you’re writing? The question was less about whether I wear clothes, or otherwise, and more about whether I wear anything in particular.

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Many people think jealousy and envy are the same thing? However, the two concepts—the two underlying emotions—are very different notions.

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