Kinesis Advantage

I used a Kinesis Advantage keyboard every day for 15 years. A few months back, I got a new keyboard, the ZSA Moonlander. I’ve used the Moonlander as my everyday keyboard since it arrived and so it’s time to compare the two.

last updated: 16 January 2021; category: tools 

In essence, the process of writing a book involves sitting still for long periods of time while tapping buttons. One result of this button tapping is a story. Another result is physical strain which may lead to repetitive strain injuries. Here are some of the steps I …

last updated: 5 October 2018; category: tools 

If you’re using a higher-end keyboard, perhaps the most significant components are the key switches—the boxes containing the contacts that meet when a key is pressed sending a signal telling the computer which letter was just typed. You should choose the …

last updated: 5 October 2018; category: tools