Surrey Hills

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In Tattoo Your Name on My Heart Boniface finds himself the Surrey Hills. If you want archetypal gentle rolling English hills, near London, then take a look.

Newlands Corner

Newlands Corner is one of the most population viewpoints looking over the hills.

Albury Downs 31 October 2013 panorama.jpg

Newlands Corner also has historical interest for crime writing aficionados being the place from which Agatha Christie staged her disappearance.

Albury New Church

From Newlands Corner you can see the new church in Albury village.

Albury New Church

As you might suspect, a “new” church means there was an “old” church.

The old church is located on the Albury Park estate, close to the manor house. The owner of the manor had ideas for the old church, so he built this new church for the villagers. Follow this link to read more about the old church.

There is a third church nearby, but that’s a story for another day…

Leith Hill tower

Across the Surrey Hills, a few miles from Albury (and the many churches), is Leith Hill. At the top of the hill is a folly—a small tower constructed with absolutely no practical purpose.

No purpose…but it still appears in Tattoo Your Name on My Heart.

Leith Hill Tower

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