I used a Kinesis Advantage keyboard every day for 15 years. A few months back, I got a new keyboard, the ZSA Moonlander. I’ve used the Moonlander as my everyday keyboard since it arrived and so it’s time to compare the two.

last updated: 16 January 2021; tags: Moonlander  Kinesis Advantage 

For the first time in fifteen years, I made a change to one of the key pieces of kit I use every day for my writing—I got a new keyboard. Now I would like to introduce you to the Moonlander.

last updated: 13 January 2021; tags: Moonlander 

I’ve tried many word processors but, for me, Microsoft Word is the best tool for outlining and writing novels. Let me explain the features that matter to me, how I use these features, and why they make Word the right tool for me.

last updated: 15 November 2020; tags: Microsoft  Word 

Text expanders are utilitarian tools that make each day a little bit easier, and anything that makes each day a bit better must be good.

last updated: 8 November 2020; tags: AutoHotkey 

A standard computer keyboard does not have an em dash key. For Windows computers there’s a quick and easy way to add this key.

last updated: 7 November 2020; tags: em dash  AutoHotkey 

When most of our written communication is electronic, it might seem strange to think about pens, but there much to commend analog writing, for instance, speed, utility, and permanence. But getting the right writing instrument is not always straightforward.

last updated: 19 June 2020; tags: Kaweco 

Have you ever thought about getting yourself a teeny tiny phone? Let me tell you a bit more about these devices.

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You can find and listen to podcasts on the web. However, an app on your phone and/or tablet may offer features that give a better podcast listening experience.

last updated: 8 November 2019; tags: podcast 

I’m an author which means I spend much of my day editing digital files. As I write, in practice what I’m doing is committing my thoughts to digital files. If my files get lost or damaged, then my work is lost, and so over time I’ve adopted processes to …

last updated: 10 January 2019; tags: File History  Time Machine  Backblaze  Crashplan  Google Drive  OneDrive 

When looking at tools to help build websites, while static site generators offers significant advantages, there are still benefits to content management systems that make them attractive. However, for under $100 you can add the functionality to a static site and remove …

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Writing a book involves sitting still for long periods of time while tapping buttons. One result of this button tapping is a story. Another result is physical strain which may lead to repetitive strain injuries. This piece looks at some of factors that should be …

last updated: 6 October 2018; tags: ergonomic  keyboard  screen  mouse  pain  rsi  health  furniture  laptop 

In essence, the process of writing a book involves sitting still for long periods of time while tapping buttons. One result of this button tapping is a story. Another result is physical strain which may lead to repetitive strain injuries. Here are some of the steps I …

last updated: 5 October 2018; tags: ergonomic  keyboard  pain  rsi  health  Kinesis Advantage  dvorak  ErgoDox  Keyboardio 

If you’re using a higher-end keyboard, perhaps the most significant components are the key switches—the boxes containing the contacts that meet when a key is pressed sending a signal telling the computer which letter was just typed. You should choose the …

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When you’re away from home or the office, it’s great to leave the computer behind. But what if you want, or need, to do the computer thing when you’re not in familiar surroundings? The most obvious answer is to drag a laptop along. I have a preferable …

last updated: 6 September 2018; tags: mobile  bluetooth  keyboard  iA Writer  Google Drive  Word 

I use Pocket several times a day. For me, it’s a tool much like a video recorder…but for reading. It allows me to save articles so that I can read them at a time that suits me.

last updated: 2 September 2018; tags: Pocket  Instapaper 

Hugo uses a command-line interface so you need to type text to make things happen—there’s no graphical interface to click with a mouse. While the command line is scary, it does bring some flexibility. However, to use the program, you need to get familiar …

last updated: 29 August 2018; tags: Hugo  website  command line  batch file 

RSS is a tool which allows you to make your content widely available. You can publish once on your website and then see the content republished on many other sites and through other channels. This can give you access to a wider audience than you may be able to reach on …

last updated: 24 August 2018; tags: RSS  website  podcast  syndication 

When building a website, there are two main choices if you don’t want to hand code: a static site generator to create a static HTML site or a database-driven content management system. You can choose one or the other, not both. Here’s how I think the …

last updated: 22 August 2018; tags: static site generator  content management system  website 

If you offer a search tool on your website you probably think that it’s helpful. It’s not. It’s an abdication of responsibility on your part and is covering up a bigger problem with your website and how you think about the information you provide.

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If you are prone to expressing yourself out loud, you may soon find your commands are obeyed with washing powder, cat food, and toothpaste arriving at your door.

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