Background to My Books

When I started writing the Leathan Wilkey series, beyond telling the stories, I was interested to look at two aspects of modern life: first, how an individual survives without many comparatively modern items that we now take for granted, and second, how we ascribe value …

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In Tattoo Your Name on My Heart Boniface finds himself the Surrey Hills. If you want archetypal gentle rolling English hills, near London, then take a look.

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Some of the key scenes in Tattoo Your Name on My Heart are set in the old church at Albury. Let me show you round the location that provided the inspiration.

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Behind every book, and woven into every story, is a mix of ideas and influences. If you want to know more about the story behind the story in my books—the ideas, the influences, the characters, the real world events—then start here.

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Some music is evocative of time or place. There are two tracks that, whenever I hear them, I think: Leathan Wilkey in Paris.

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When I was writing Tattoo Your Name on My Heart, I had a need for a minor character—a guitarist who plays in the fictional rock band Prickle. Luca Parzani is that character. In crafting Luca, I took inspiration from real life.

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Before I wrote the first Leathan Wilkey book, I had the notion of a character who was later called Leathan. I had an idea of someone who was very human. A man who connected with people on a very human level. But a man, for whom life was difficult because of his unique …

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Did you know that leather floors are a thing? Instead of carpets, tiles, or wood to cover the floor, you can have leather. Yeah, I didn’t know either.

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If you’ve ever wondered about the order of the Leathan Wilkey series of novels…

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I set my second series—the Leathan Wilkey series—in Paris. I knew I wanted to set the books in a different city, I just wasn’t sure which city. All I really knew was that Leathan wasn’t going to be in London. And much of the reason for this …

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I had an idea for a second series of books which became the Leathan Wilkey series. I wasn’t certain about the location—Budapest and Sarajevo were possibilities—but the most likely location was Paris. So I went to Paris to have a look.

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